Quick Tips for Starting Your Restaurant

Getting started is the hard part, but you can get your restaurant off the ground as long as you follow the right steps. One of the most important aspects of starting up a business is choosing a ...
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Extending the Life of Your Exterior and Interior Signs

The best kind of investment is one that continues to benefit your business throughout the long term. Indoor and outdoor signs make your brand more visible and draw customers’ attention to sales, ...
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What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Financing New Businesses

A great idea can turn into a business, but that business needs financing. You’ll need to worry about making a name for your brand, saving funds wherever possible, and making sure you have a ...
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Marketing Your Restaurant or Bar

Working with an experienced sign company and designing the right commercial sign for your bar or restaurant can significantly increase the success of your establishment. Watch this video for some more ...
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Essential Elements of Great Signage

Working with a sign company to create advertising for your business is an investment that can offer significant and long-term benefits. If you’re planning to order new signs, then consider the ...
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Signage Terminology Every Business Owner Should Know

Are you planning to contact a sign company about commercial sign design and installation? If so, then continue reading to learn some important terminology that you may encounter during this process. ...
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What Might Be Causing a Dim Sign Area?

Does your business’ neon outdoor sign look less impressive than it once did? If so, then it may be suffering from dim spots. Many commercial signs are vulnerable to this problem, and if you turn ...
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What to Know Before Opening a Retail Shop

< p>When it comes to starting your own retail store, having fun while running your business can make the process more enjoyable and less intimidating. If you’re already considering outdoor ...
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A Quick Look at Negative Space in Designs

When it comes to creating outdoor signs for businesses and commercial properties, an effective design is critical for achieving the results that you want. In any type of advertisement, negative space ...
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Designing an Eye-Catching Pylon Sign

Outdoor signs play an important role in directing people to your business, helping customers spot your location, and describing your services. For this type of advertising, many people choose pylon ...
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Troubleshooting Digital Signage

Does your business feature electronic message center signage? Also, known as digital signage, these commercial signs can do a lot to support your company when used correctly. Continue reading to learn ...
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Tips for Designing Your Company's Logo

Your company’s logo will be one of the first features your customers see on your outdoor signs, awnings, website, and business cards. Designing an effective logo can be a challenge because ...
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Top Reasons to Choose the Olympic Signs Maintenance Crews

For nearly four decades, Olympic Signs has cultivated a reputation for excellence in custom sign design and fabrication, but our commitment to our clients extends well beyond the initial installation ...
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Have You Made These Common Signage Mistakes?

Outdoor signs are a necessary investment for increasing visibility for your place of business and attracting more customers. Unfortunately, business owners often make signage mistakes that can make ...
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Common Questions About Installing Custom Canopies

As a business owner or manager, you’re probably always on the lookout for effective strategies for building your customer base and improving customer retention. One way to accomplish these goals ...
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Highlighting Channel Letters

At Olympic Signs we offer a variety of different sign types, including channel letters. Channel letters are 3-dimensional letters that are individually cut with no background. They are affixed to a ...
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Using Color to Capture Attention

A lot goes into creating an effective sign, but color use is the key to capturing customers’ attention. Different colors bring out different emotions, so you have to think about which feelings ...
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Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Sign

A sign can be one of your business’s greatest assets when it comes to attracting customers. Most businesses have signs, but some are much more effective than others. These are some of the common ...
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The Importance of Eye-Catching Signage

Well-designed outdoor signs are essential for your business’s success, but too many companies don’t devote the necessary time to designing exterior signs. Your sign is the first impression ...
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Olympic Signs: An American Success Story

Olympic Signs now operates out of a 30,000 square foot building in Lombard, IL, but the company’s roots are in a two-car garage converted to be a makeshift office space for the startup. Rob ...
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Creating Better Digital Signage Content

Digital signs can be useful tools for marketing to your clients, but the content you include makes the difference between boosting your company’s reach and falling flat. Digital signage can be ...
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Signs Your Medical Building May Need

Medical buildings have extensive needs for both exterior signs and interior signs. Because so many people depend on these signs for information, they must have clean designs that are easy to read, but ...
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Effective Usage of LED Message Centers

You want to do everything you can to make your business a success. To attract new customers and make yourself more visible, consider using an LED sign. LED signs are eye-catching as well as ...
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Should Your Business Have a Maintenance Contract?

As a business owner, it’s up to you to make sure your customers always receive quality service and products from your operation. Just as you provide excellent service to your customers, you ...
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Getting a Dynamic Image Display? Know the New Regulations in Chicago

There are many aspects of running a business that you are responsible for in order to ensure that your company is successful. In addition to offering outstanding customer service and a superior ...
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