Should I Install an Electronic Message Center?

Outdoor signs should be durable and attractive, but it also helps if they’re versatile. It doesn’t get much more versatile than an electronic message center, so keep that in mind when ...
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Answering Common Questions About Sign Design

Before you call the sign company and set up an order, you should think carefully about your design. The purpose of a sign is to be seen and leave an impression, and understanding the various design ...
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What New Business Owners Should Know About Brand Identity

Having an idea, product, or service is one thing, but representing yourself as a brand is another. Even the best sales pitches might not land if your sign company is confused about how your signs ...
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Which Type of Exterior Sign Is Right for Your Business?

Proper signage is a key element for your business. As you are browsing the different types of outdoor signs that are available for your commercial property, you may find that your sign company can ...
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The Golden Ratio of Logo Design

When you are creating a logo for your business, you may want to rely on the principles of the golden ratio. In this video, you will learn all about the golden ratio of logo design. The golden ratio is ...
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Top Ways to Attract and Keep Clients

When you are starting a new business, you will need to work hard to build a solid client base. With engaging branding, smart demographics, and visible outdoor signs, you will have no problem finding ...
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Don't Let Burnt-Out Bulbs Hurt Your Business

An LED sign will beautifully illuminate the exterior of your business. While a properly installed LED sign may help you attract new customers, a sign that has burnt-out bulbs and other maintenance ...
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Calculating Your Restaurant's Start-Up Costs

Understanding your start-up costs is important to ensure that your restaurant is successful. There are certain costs that are necessary before your restaurant opens, such as outdoor signs, ...
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Why Good Parking Lot Lighting Is Essential

Your parking lot lighting is almost as important as your business’ outdoor signs. Your outdoor signs and lighting will attract customers to your establishment, and they will offer a sense of ...
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Get Inspired by Our Hospitality Signage Portfolio

Olympic Signs is a well-known sign company, because we create beautiful and quality sign installations for all types of businesses. Our hospitality signs—which include The Drake hotel and Diag ...
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Common Reasons to Arrange Sign Maintenance Services

A sign company will offer maintenance services to ensure that a business’ signs are always working. There are times that a sign may require additional maintenance, such as when an LED sign does ...
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Common Materials Used for Signs

Sign companies work with a variety of materials to make indoor and outdoor signs. These materials—like aluminum and acrylic—can be used to make beautiful interior signs and sturdy exterior ...
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Can You Deduct Your Signage Costs?

Tax deductions can offset many of the costs you put into your business. Your tax deductions may be usable for various business expenses, such as sign design and sign repair. Read on to see which costs ...
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Our Channel Letters Make Businesses Stand Out

Olympic Signs is dedicated to providing businesses with sign designs that stand out for all of their customers. Some of our best work can be found in our channel letters. These outdoor signs can be ...
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The Dos and Don'ts of Logo Design

Designing a logo will be one of the most important steps in marketing your business. The logo will feature on your outdoor signs, letterheads, and digital marketing. There are a few crucial dos and ...
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Take a Virtual Tour of Our Bank Signage Portfolio

You want your bank’s curb appeal to bring people in, and the right outdoor sign might be just what you need. At Olympic Signs, we are happy to offer LED and outdoor signs to help improve your ...
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Quick Tips for Starting Your Restaurant

Getting started is the hard part, but you can get your restaurant off the ground as long as you follow the right steps. One of the most important aspects of starting up a business is choosing a ...
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Extending the Life of Your Exterior and Interior Signs

The best kind of investment is one that continues to benefit your business throughout the long term. Indoor and outdoor signs make your brand more visible and draw customers’ attention to sales, ...
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What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Financing New Businesses

A great idea can turn into a business, but that business needs financing. You’ll need to worry about making a name for your brand, saving funds wherever possible, and making sure you have a ...
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Marketing Your Restaurant or Bar

Working with an experienced sign company and designing the right commercial sign for your bar or restaurant can significantly increase the success of your establishment. Watch this video for some more ...
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Essential Elements of Great Signage

Working with a sign company to create advertising for your business is an investment that can offer significant and long-term benefits. If you’re planning to order new signs, then consider the ...
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Signage Terminology Every Business Owner Should Know

Are you planning to contact a sign company about commercial sign design and installation? If so, then continue reading to learn some important terminology that you may encounter during this process. ...
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What Might Be Causing a Dim Sign Area?

Does your business’ neon outdoor sign look less impressive than it once did? If so, then it may be suffering from dim spots. Many commercial signs are vulnerable to this problem, and if you turn ...
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What to Know Before Opening a Retail Shop

< p>When it comes to starting your own retail store, having fun while running your business can make the process more enjoyable and less intimidating. If you’re already considering outdoor ...
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A Quick Look at Negative Space in Designs

When it comes to creating outdoor signs for businesses and commercial properties, an effective design is critical for achieving the results that you want. In any type of advertisement, negative space ...
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