Pylon Signs 101

It’s extra important to make your presence known if your business is nestled in a strip mall among many other companies. That’s why you should talk to your sign company about installing a pylon sign and increasing your visibility. Keep reading to find out how pylon signs can help your business.

When you drive by a shopping center or a strip mall, you probably won’t be able to see each business that’s situated in the area. Pylon signs make it easier to recognize what kinds of stores are lined up next to each other while you’re driving by. If your business isn’t quite within view from the highway, you can use a pylon sign to let people know you’re there. This option is even easier when you team up with other local businesses to put up one sign that lists all the individual businesses in the space.

If you’re in need of pylon signs near Chicago, IL, don’t forget to call Olympic Signs at (630) 424-6100. We are a sign company that is dedicated to helping you build your business by increasing your exposure. Visit our website to learn all about us.


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