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  • Is Your Storefront Giving Your Customers the Right Message?

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    When potential customers walk by the front of your store and see the outdoor signs that you have displayed, they should know exactly what your company is all about. If they are confused about what products or services you provide, there is a good chance you will not earn their business. Therefore, you should work with a sign company serving Chicago, IL , to make sure your storefront is equipped with the signage it needs. Here are a few things your storefront should include.

    Your Company Name and Logo
    Hopefully, your company name will give people a good indication of what your company does. For example, a name like “Mike’s Deli” or “Sam’s Bakery” will let customers know exactly what they can expect from your store. If it isn’t obvious, though, using a large logo that can be seen from a distance is a great way to catch peoples’ attention and let them know why they should stop in your store.

    Your Services, Hours, and Website
    When people walk by your store, they may not be able to walk in at that moment. Or you may not be open and ready to serve them. However, that shouldn’t stop you from losing a future sale. Your storefront should provide people with all the information they need to stop by at a later time if they want to. Make sure your services, hours, website, and other information are prominently displayed on your storefront.

    Your Company’s Personality
    Before people walk through your door, they should know how you conduct business simply by looking at your storefront. If you pride yourself on being reliable and professional, make sure you have corporate signs that convey that message. If you want people to have fun when they stop by your store, use bright colors and LED lights to get them excited about coming to see you.

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  • Why Branding Matters for Small Businesses

  • What Kind of Sign Is Right for Your Small Business?

    awnings Chicago A professional sign company can provide you with customized interior signs and exterior signs that will draw customers in to your small business. Outdoor signs , such as LED signs, can clearly convey to passersby what services your business has to offer. Interior signs provide helpful information to customers that may encourage them to continue shopping. Here is a brief guide to determining what kind of sign is right for your small business.

    Electronic Message and LED Signs
    Electronic message centers and LED signs are both effective and cost-efficient. These signs catch people’s attention and lure them in. They tend to be best suited as exterior signs for businesses that want to advertise daily specials, upcoming events, or promotions. LED signs provide accent lighting for an exterior sign, making it more visible and eye-catching at night. LED signs are energy efficient and appropriate for any small business.

    Awning Signs
    Awning signs serve many purposes. They create an attractive, elegant exterior sign that advertises your small business. They also provide decoration to the exterior of your building, and offer shade to your customers. Awning signs are the perfect outdoor sign for small businesses such as cafes, restaurants, bookstores, toy stores, or specialty stores. Sign design and sign fabrication for awnings can be endlessly customized to create a welcoming décor through your sign installation.

    Pylon Signs
    Pylon signs are useful retail signs or property management signs for small businesses that want to feature business names and logos. Pylon signs are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, depending upon what you want to advertise with your outdoor sign. These exterior signs can also be illuminated, so that they remain visible at night.

    If you’re looking for a high quality sign company in Chicago for custom sign fabrication and installation, come see us at Olympic Signs. We provide interior and exterior sign installation, maintenance, and repair, and can design custom retail signs for any type of business. For more information on our commercial signs, call us today at 630-424-6100.