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    A building sign is arguably one of the most important marketing assets you own. Think about it, how many people see your sign on a daily basis? Each impression is a potential customer, which means your business sign has the potential to bring in thousands and thousands of new customers every year. Unfortunately, exterior signage can also have a negative effect on a business if it looks dull, weathered, or worn. That’s why sign maintenance is an important service for any business to account for. Here are some tips to get you started.

    Schedule Regular Inspections
    If you have a large or intricate sign, or if your sign is illuminated with LEDs , schedule routine inspections a couple times each year with a sign maintenance company in Chicago. Preventative maintenance will not only help keep your sign looking great, but it can also prevent major problems down the road that can have a big impact on your bottom line.

    Keep Your Sign Clean
    A dirty sign can send all sorts of signals to passerby, and none of them are positive. Most people equate a dirty sign with a dirty interior, and if you run a restaurant or hotel this perception can be disastrous when it comes to attracting new customers. If your sign is easy enough to reach with a hose and extended brush, give it a cleaning once a month or so to keep it looking like new. If your sign is not accessible to clean on your own, hire a sign maintenance company to perform the cleaning service for you.

    Protect Your Sign from the Elements
    Although this last step is not required for most signs, and in some cases it not even possible considering the size or placement of the sign, it’s a good idea to consider some sort of awning or overhang above your sign to protect it from the elements.

    Olympic Signs can handle all of your sign maintenance and repair needs in Chicago . Our fully licenses and insured sign technicians work with a wide range of materials and will work on your sign when it’s most convenient for you, your employees, and your customers. To learn how Olympic Signs can keep your signage is great condition, call us at (630) 424-6100.

  • The Benefits of Sign Maintenance

    sign maintenance Chicago

    If you’ve invested in an eye-catching business sign, make sure you keep your sign in tip-top shape to get the maximum benefit of having an exterior sign. For example, if you have an illuminated LED sign, maintaining your sign will ensure that it continues to make an impression on passerby. Sign maintenance can also help prevent costly problems that will require professional sign repair.

    Olympic Signs would like to be your trusted sign maintenance provider . We have helped maintain countless signs throughout Chicago for over 20 years. With our regular sign maintenance services, your sign will look beautiful and stay operational all year long, which means maximum impressions and hopefully a big positive impact on your bottom line. We maintain signs we’ve installed as well as signs installed by other sign companies in Chicago. To learn more about our commercial sign maintenance services, call us at (630) 424-6100.

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