• Tips for Building a Marketing Plan

    As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a marketing plan. Without an organized approach to your marketing materials, from outdoor signs to online media outlets, it’s difficult to ensure that you’re conveying a clear message about your company.

    Watch this video for an in-depth look at how to build a successful marketing plan. You’ll learn to see your products and services from a new perspective. For example, the speaker suggests promoting the benefits of your product rather than its features—a slight but vital shift in your marketing approach. In addition, you’ll hear tips on increasing your profitability, rather than your sales, through marketing.

    Commercial signs are a vital part of any marketing plan. If you’re looking for a sign company to help with sign design or sign installation in Chicago, IL, call Olympic Signs today at (630) 424-6100.

  • Are Pylon Signs a Match for Your Business?

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    Pylon signs are one of the most popular types of outdoor signs. Their size and sturdiness offer high impact and maximum advertising value, while requiring minimal sign maintenance. These types of signs are available in various sizes and can be shaped to a specific design, such as your company or brand logo. In addition, they can be illuminated to increase evening traffic to your business and ensure that the location of your company is always clear.

    Whether your business is a single shop or your own a multi-tenant building, an exterior pylon sign is a great way to announce your presence and give a good first impression to potential customers. If your company is interested in installing pylon signs near Chicago, IL , Olympic Signs can help you determine whether this is the best advertising method for you. Call Olympic Signs today at (630) 424-6100 for all of your sign design, installation, and maintenance needs.

  • Best Practices for Commercial Signs

  • Exploring Your Business Signage Options

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    Choosing a sign for your business is an important marketing decision . Signs present your company’s products and services to the world and help draw in your target demographic. Whether you’re choosing among outdoor signs, interior signs, or are just looking for a sign company to help you start narrowing down your options, we’ve got some tips to help make the process easier.

    When Should You Splurge for Color?
    Color signs are a great choice for many businesses and can help bring some life to your advertising. However, color signs are often more expensive than monochrome signs, especially if you are considering an LED sign . The key to this quandary is to ask yourself whether not your company’s product or service can be sold using pictures. For example, it makes more sense to use pictures to sell food than the services of an attorney. If your answer to this question is yes, and you are looking at purchasing an LED sign such as in an electronic message center, it’s likely that it will be worth it to splurge for color. If your answer is no, you can save by choosing a monochrome LED sign.

    Is Bigger Always Better?
    There are several questions you should ask yourself before deciding on the size of your sign. The sign’s size will largely be determined by its location. If your sign will be in a roadside position, as many signs are, you’ll need to consider the traffic patterns of the road. For example, the road’s speed limit, number of lanes, and nearby stop signs or stop lights will play an important role in determining what size sign will safely grab the attention of drivers and passengers. Also, remember to check with your town’s sign ordinance, as it may limit the size of signage.

    Choosing a sign is an investment for any company, and it’s important that it’s done correctly. If you’re looking for a sign company near Chicago, IL to help design and install your business signage, call Olympic Signs today at (630) 424-6100.