• Why, When, and How to Use Pylon Signs for Better Business Visibility

    There’s no better way to literally elevate your company’s visibility than by having a pylon sign custom-designed and installed. This is a type of outdoor sign that is often mounted on a tall pole. Other pylon signs resemble a much taller version of monument signs. Your pylon sign can be customized to reflect your business’ unique brand and image. Talk to a sign company representative about the possibilities.


    The primary reason why businesses use pylon signs is to raise their brand’s visibility. A pylon sign can be seen at long distances, and so it raises awareness about the company among passing motorists. Customers who are already planning to check out a business can use pylon signs to help them find the building more easily.


    Pylon signs are effective for attracting more customers to your door, but only when they are used appropriately. If your business is located near a freeway, a pylon sign is an excellent choice. Inform the sign company that you want to ensure your new sign will be visible from the road. Pylon signs can also be effective when used for a business that is located close to other stores—especially if those other stores lack pylon signs. In this situation, a tall, freestanding sign will make the company stand out from the rest.


    You can rely on the designer’s expertise regarding the best way to create your new pylon sign. It doesn’t have to be in the shape of a rectangle or square. Get creative and make your sign as eye-catching as possible. For example, if your business is a seafood restaurant , you could have your sign made in the shape of a nautical wheel. Your new sign can be illuminated if you wish, which is recommended if your business has late hours and is located in a non-residential area.

    When businesses need quality sign services they can trust, they turn to Olympic Signs . Our sign company serves Chicago, IL businesses with our superior sign design services, flawless fabrication, and expert installation. Call (630) 424-6100, and we’ll chat about whether a pylon sign is the right choice for your business.

  • Factors to Consider When Planning a Sign Installation

    People become entrepreneurs in part because the idea of working for themselves is appealing. If you’ve taken the first step on this journey, you’ll quickly discover that even entrepreneurs work for other people—their customers or clients. It takes a lot of these informal “bosses” to make a company successful and long-lived, and it’s impossible to acquire them unless people know the company’s name. It’s tough getting your name out there when you first start your business, which is why you should partner with a reputable sign company . A corporate or retail sign is one of the best investments in a company’s future.


    A sign permit should be one of the first things you’ll consider when planning a sign installation. Municipal regulations can be confusing . The sign company’s representative should be able to tell you about the permit requirements that apply to your location. Municipal regulations may restrict the type and height of sign you’re allowed to install. There may also be restrictions on whether or not you can have an illuminated sign. A clear understanding of the applicable regulations at the beginning of the sign planning process is essential for preventing costly mistakes later on.


    An outdoor sign can be attached to a building, such as channel letters, or it may be freestanding, such as pylon signs and monument signs. If you own your commercial building and the land it’s on, you have the option to install either type of sign—or both. If you lease the building, you’ll need to check the terms of the lease to find out if there are any restrictions on sign placement. Once you understand any applicable restrictions, talk to the sign company representative about the best placement for your sign to attract maximum foot traffic.


    The days of hanging up a shingle are long gone. Modern signs are very large and extremely heavy, and it takes a team of professional sign installers to get the job done right. To ensure everyone’s safety during and long after the installation, it’s essential that you choose a reputable sign company.

    Olympic Signs hires the most capable, safety-conscious sign installers in Chicago, IL. When you’re ready to increase the visibility of your brand, give us a call at (630) 424-6100. Our sign company offers everything from custom design to sign maintenance and repairs.

  • Size Considerations When Designing Your New Sign

    Before a sign design company can recommend the right size of outdoor sign for your business, you need to decide where you’ll have it installed. If your commercial building is located in an urban area that receives a lot of foot traffic, a smaller sign will work better than a large one. If you expect more drivers than pedestrians to view your sign, choose a larger size to ensure better readability. These signs will generally be installed at higher elevations than signs intended for foot traffic.

    Another consideration is the type of sign you want. Some business owners prefer a sign that allows them to display an electronic message about upcoming sales or hours. A large sign is necessary for conveying this information properly.

    Olympic Signs is comprised of a team of expert designers, fabricators, and installers who work together to ensure each of our clients receives a product that exceeds expectations. Call (630) 424-6100 for more information about our sign services available in Chicago, IL.

  • The Olympic Signs Difference

    Since 1980, Olympic Signs has been helping Chicago-area businesses make their brands visible with custom signs of an unbeatable quality. Watch this video to hear directly from Olympic Signs President and co-owner, Rob Whitehead. He talks about how the detail-oriented and highly skillful employees of this sign company are integral to its success.

    Olympic Signs also boasts cutting-edge equipment in order to fulfill any business’ signage needs. In fact, most of the signs made here are custom indoor and outdoor signs. From design to fabrication to maintenance, this sign company does it all.

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  • America’s Most Iconic Sign

    Most Americans are familiar with the famous Hollywood sign, but this outdoor sign didn’t always look the way it does now. Watch this video for some background on America’s most iconic sign.

    The Hollywood sign wasn’t always so beautiful. Originally put up in 1923, it originally read “Hollywoodland” and was lit with 4,000 light bulbs. The letters were only supposed to last for a couple of years, but in the late ‘40s the “land” portion was taken off and the rest was repaired. It deteriorated again by the 1970s, but several donors had the original letters replaced.

    Outdoor signs in Chicago, IL can stand the test of time, so call Olympic Signs at (630) 424-6100 to get started on yours. We’ll even help you with your sign design to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Visit our website for information.

  • Attract More Holiday Shoppers with New Digital Signage

    Everyone’s got a list of their own during the holiday season, and it’s just a matter of where to go to get the gifts. If you want to direct people towards your store, an LED sign can be a huge help. Keep reading and attract more holiday shoppers with new digital signage.

    The holidays are when everyone rushes around looking for gifts for the people they care about, so it’s a good time for your business to be at the forefront of people’s minds. If you want to bring in more shoppers during the holidays, digital signage might do the trick. LED signs will catch people’s attention and direct the way to your establishment. That’s why it’s a good idea to find a sign company to create a sign for your business. This is especially helpful if you’re a smaller business that doesn’t have a huge following yet.

    Don’t hesitate to contact Olympic Signs if you’re in need of an LED sign near Chicago, IL. Our team handles everything from sign design to fabrication, so you can get your message across . Check out our website or call us at (630) 424-6100 to learn about us.

  • Building a Better LED Sign

    An LED sign is a smart way to draw attention to your business, but you must design it the right way for it to be effective. Choose your text and font type carefully, consider setting up a playlist for your sign, and think about how the colors will affect the viewer. Read on and build a better LED sign .

    Text and Font

    If your LED sign is going to include words, you need to put some real thought into what it will say and how the text will look. Think about what you want your sign to represent about your business. Take some time to consider what you’ll say through your sign before you program it. You might want to advertise a sale, notify passersby that you’re changing locations, or celebrate a grand opening. Your text should also stand out and be legible, which tends to be easier with LED signs. Illegible font can confuse your message and might turn people away rather than draw them in.


    Some types of LED signs make use of playlists. This means that you can display multiple messages on a loop. A high school might use an LED sign playlist to advertise the upcoming football game, offer information about PTA meetings, or even remind people about a budget vote. To build the best LED sign, consider what you’re displaying through your playlist and make sure you cater to your entire audience.


    LED lights can create a wide range of colors, so you might be able to get full color graphics out of your LED sign. You can use the colors in your LED sign to represent your brand and catch people’s eyes. Consider your brand and your message when choosing colors for yours.

    You can always call Olympic Signs at (630) 424-6100 if you’re looking for an LED sign near Chicago, IL. Our sign services help make your message clear and attract new customers to your business. Browse our website for information about our services.

  • Commercial Awnings: Maintenance Issues to Know About

    Outdoor signs and awnings benefit your business in many ways. On the other hand, dirty or dilapidated signage can bring your curb appeal down. Your outdoor signs are susceptible to all kinds of elements. Rain, bugs, and bird droppings can all wear away at your awnings and leave stains behind. Continue reading for commercial awning maintenance issues to know about.


    Commercial signs draw attention to your business, which helps you generate more traffic and ultimately gain more sales. When it comes to your business, however, you only want positive attention. If your outdoor signs are run down due to the weather, they might take away from your curb appeal instead of adding to it. Look at the forecast every day and see what it means for your awning. If a hail storm is coming and you have a retractable awning, you might want to put it away during the storm to protect it.

    Leaves, Bugs, and Debris

    It’s a good idea to use an awning if your building is shaded by trees, especially if you’re a dining establishment with an outdoor eating area. Your awning will catch bugs, leaves, twigs, and any other debris that might fall from the sky, so it doesn’t land on your customers’ tables. The only drawback is that from a distance, people will be able to see the blemishes on your awning. Remember to clean this off to keep up your curb appeal and avoid damage.

    Bird Droppings

    Birds are peskier than many of the pests that we typically encounter. They perch on roofs, outdoor signs, and awnings. Their droppings will do a number on your commercial awning, so be sure to give yours a good cleaning occasionally to undo the damage.

    Do you have questions about sign maintenance near Chicago, IL? Reach out to Olympic Signs or look through our website. You can trust us with your indoor and outdoor signs in addition to parking lot lighting. Call our offices at (630) 424-6100 for your sign and awning needs.

  • The Navigation Nightmare of Modern Healthcare Campuses

    As the healthcare industry evolves, modern hospitals and medical offices are becoming larger and more complex. To help your patients feel comfortable on your campus, consider hiring a sign company to create directional signs for your space. If you are wondering about why proper signage is so important, here is a quick look inside why today’s healthcare campuses cause navigation nightmares.

    Signs must meet strict hygiene requirements.

    Medical offices and hospitals must maintain strict standards of hygiene in order to protect the health and safety of medical care professionals and patients. One reason that medical campuses have trouble creating proper signage is that their signs must maintain these hygienic standards. LED signs and other innovations have made it easier for medical campuses to create hygienic signage.

    Medical departments use technical language.

    While doctors and nurses are familiar with all of the terminology that is used to describe medical departments, these terms may be strange and confusing to visitors. For instance, when a patient is headed in for an ear, nose, and throat appointment, he or she may be confused by signs that point towards the Otolaryngology department. Replacing medical terms with layman information could help to ease the navigation process.

    Healthcare campuses are getting bigger.

    In order to accommodate large numbers of patients and medical departments, medical campuses have grown larger over the years. When a patient visits a doctor for the first time, he or she may have difficulty navigating the various floors, wings, and departments that are located within a single campus. Signage that includes maps and clear descriptions makes large campuses much easier to navigate.

    If you are seeking quality interior signs for your medical campus, the team at Olympic Signs will be there to assist you. Our company specializes in sign services in Chicago, and our sign installers can help you create the perfect signs for your campus. To learn more about our sign design and installation packages, give us a call at (630) 424-6100.

  • About Our Sign Installation Services

    After you design and build a new sign for your business, your next task will be to make sure that your sign is installed correctly. At Olympic Signs, we provide our customers with safe and effective sign installations throughout the Chicago area. When you hire our sign installers, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your sign is being placed by fully licensed and insured technicians. Using our special sign installation equipment, we will be able to safely hang your interior or exterior sign.

    To get started on your upcoming sign installation in Chicago , contact Olympic Signs by calling (630) 424-6100. With our top-rated sign services, you will be able to create and install the perfect sign to advertise and promote your business. Our sign company has more than 3 decades of experience in the industry, and we will create a solution that is tailored to your needs.