• Quick Tips for Starting Your Restaurant

    Getting started is the hard part, but you can get your restaurant off the ground as long as you follow the right steps. One of the most important aspects of starting up a business is choosing a location and getting an outdoor sign up. Check out this video for quick tips for starting your restaurant.

    When scoping out a location for your restaurant, it’s wise to spend some time in the area. This will give you an idea of how much traffic there is in the area at different times during the day. You should also think about the aesthetics of the building to see if the existing design fits your brand or if you’ll need to do some remodeling.

    Outdoor signs in Chicago, IL can draw attention to your new restaurant, so call Olympic Signs at (630) 424-6100. Our specialties include bank signs, sign repair, and sign maintenance.

  • Extending the Life of Your Exterior and Interior Signs

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    The best kind of investment is one that continues to benefit your business throughout the long term. Indoor and outdoor signs make your brand more visible and draw customers’ attention to sales, so you should do what you can to keep them in shape. Read on for tips on extending the life of your exterior and interior signs.

    Keeping Them Clean

    Your indoor and outdoor signs will never look their best if they’re dirty, so you should do your best to keep them clean. Although outdoor signs are expected to collect a few dings and dents thanks to birds and the weather elements, interior signs should be easy to keep in top shape. This is extra important as well, especially if your interior signs feature braille. The cleaner your signs are, the easier it is for people to interpret them, whether via vision or touch .

    Adding Protection

    You know that your outdoor sign will be exposed to the elements, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. If you want to keep your outdoor signs running strong, you can always take the time to protect them. By adding a small roof or similar shelter to your outdoor signs, you can help them enjoy a longer working life and continue to promote your brand. This will also make regular sign maintenance much easier.

    Affording Adequate Sign Maintenance

    It’s a good idea to take a look at your exterior and interior signs every now and then to see how they’re holding up. If you don’t think you’d have the time to maintain your signs, you should talk to your sign company about setting up a maintenance plan. This will help you stay on track and get as much value as possible out of your new investment.

    Are you wondering how you can make the most of your exterior and interior signs in Chicago, IL? Contact Olympic Signs or visit our website. From parking lot lighting to LED signs, we specialize in all kinds of signage. Give us a call at (630) 424-6100 to learn more about us.

  • What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Financing New Businesses

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    A great idea can turn into a business, but that business needs financing. You’ll need to worry about making a name for your brand, saving funds wherever possible, and making sure you have a steady stream of revenue coming in. Fortunately, your sign company can help. Here’s an overview of what entrepreneurs should know about financing new businesses.

    Promoting Your Business

    When you start a new business , one of your first objectives will be to spread the word. A business can’t thrive—or even survive—if nobody knows it exists, so you will need to focus on exposure. Proper exposure doesn’t come for free, however, so you’ll need to think about how you want to use your finances to make people aware of your brand. An exterior sign can be extremely helpful in drawing attention to your business and bringing passersby into your headquarters, and financing one may be a smart financial investment.

    Saving Money

    There’s never a bad time to take advantage of a deal. By taking every opportunity you come across to save money, you will add more financial flexibility to your business. When you talk to a sign company about financing your exterior or interior signs, you won’t have to worry about scraping together the cash to promote your brand. Financing a commercial sign stands to benefit your business without so much financial risk, so small businesses might be particularly inclined to take this route.

    Making More Money

    Your new business needs a consistent revenue stream to get off the ground. You can use exterior signs to make people aware of your business, but you can also use interior signs to point out sales and limited time offers. This can help you make more sales and gain more income, which you can use to make further improvements to your business.

    If you’re preparing to finance a new business, don’t forget to call Olympic Signs at (630) 424-6100. We are a sign company serving Chicago, IL that offers sign design and maintenance. Head over to our website to find out how our sign company can help you.

  • Marketing Your Restaurant or Bar

    Working with an experienced sign company and designing the right commercial sign for your bar or restaurant can significantly increase the success of your establishment. Watch this video for some more tips on marketing your restaurant or bar.

    Today, you must go above and beyond to stand out from the competition. One idea is to hold an event, like a food eating competition, several times per year. Another smart option is to hold a contest with the prize of a free meal, every day, for one year. Finally, try bringing a celebrity chef to your establishment.

    At Olympic Signs , we provide a selection of professional services for corporate signs in Chicago, IL. Ready to learn more? If so, then please give our sign company a call today at (630) 424-6100.