• Common Materials Used for Signs

    Sign companies work with a variety of materials to make indoor and outdoor signs. These materials—like aluminum and acrylic—can be used to make beautiful interior signs and sturdy exterior signs according to the business owner’s wishes. Let’s take a closer look at the common materials used for different types of signs .

    Medium Density Overlay

    Medium Density Overlay, also known as MDO, is made of plywood panels with a resin fiber fused to the surface. This material is commonly used in sign designs, because it is a sturdy material. However, it is made of wood and may be prone to warping after several years.


    Aluminum sheets can come in a variety of colors, and they will not rust or sustain much damage. Aluminum is a flexible material, though, so an exterior sign may warp from high wind pressure. Alumalite is an aluminum composite that is quickly replacing MDO signs. Alumalite makes lightweight signs that can resist rusting and warping, and it is rigid like MDO signs.


    Foamboard is a paper product that has a wooden veneer to keep it from warping. It is not as strong as other common sign materials, such as aluminum and acrylic. Foamboard will likely be used for interior signs, because it can dent easily when exposed to harsher elements.


    Acrylic material may also be referred to as plexiglass. It is often used for lightboxes, because it is made from a clear, methyl methacrylate monomer. Acrylic signs and lightboxes can resist high heat and chemicals, which may damage other types of signs.

    Polyvinyl Chloride

    Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is a common material for several applications, including sign designs. PVC signs are best used for interior signage, but they can be temporarily used outside.

    There are several options when it comes to sign design near Chicago, IL. The experts of Olympic Signs can help anyone find the best indoor or outdoor signs to suit their purposes. Please call us at (630) 424-6100 to speak with our sign designers and manufacturers to find the best sign material.

  • Can You Deduct Your Signage Costs?

    Tax deductions can offset many of the costs you put into your business. Your tax deductions may be usable for various business expenses, such as sign design and sign repair. Read on to see which costs you can deduct during tax time.

    As you can see in the video, there are several costs that can be deducted on your yearly company taxes. You can deduct marketing costs, such as commercials, sign repair, and sign installation. You may also deduct traveling expenses, schooling expenses, and charitable contributions. Understanding the ways that you can offset your business costs will be helpful to the continued success of your business.

    Learn more about marketing your business with the help of Olympic Signs and our sign company serving Chicago, IL. We can help secure permits, set up project management , and create an engaging sign design for your business. Please call us at (630) 424-6100 to learn more.

  • Our Channel Letters Make Businesses Stand Out

    Olympic Signs is dedicated to providing businesses with sign designs that stand out for all of their customers. Some of our best work can be found in our channel letters. These outdoor signs can be made in a variety of fonts, colors, and lighted features to get businesses noticed. Let’s take a better look at Olympic Signs and our standout channel letters.

    Channel letters come in all shapes and sizes. Our talented sign designers and sign installers can put in illuminated channel letters, which can attract customers throughout the night. Channel letters and signs can also be made to match a company’s logo, which is important for a company’s brand awareness. These letters are also customizable for each company’s preferred font and colors to keep their brand consistent.

    Every business should stand out to its customers, and that starts with well-made and easily seen channel letters near Chicago, IL . These commercial signs are customizable and professionally designed and installed. Please call our design team at (630) 424-6100 to schedule an appointment.

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Logo Design

    Designing a logo will be one of the most important steps in marketing your business. The logo will feature on your outdoor signs, letterheads, and digital marketing. There are a few crucial dos and don’ts to keep in mind during the design process . Here is a better look:

    Do design logos in black and white.

    There will be times that your logo may not appear in its original color. A flyer may be printed in black and white, or a customer could print out a coupon on a black and white printer. It is important for the logo to still look attractive and appear legible when printed in any color. Ensure that your logo will look good no matter how it is printed on flyers or sign designs.

    Don’t use unnecessary shadows.

    You may wish to add a background shadow to give your logo more depth. However, this interesting-looking feature will detract from your logo in the end. Background shadows often cause display issues and difficulty sending digital files. Ensure that your logo is clean and free of unnecessary shading and graphics.

    Do use the right font.

    Font and color will be some of the most important features of your logo design. Both features can look great in one format and look unattractive or odd in another format. Choose a couple fonts and see how they look in different scenarios. You may find that a certain font looks great on your computer, but it appears illegible on your interior and exterior signs.

    Don’t add unnecessary words.

    Your logo should be clear and concise. If you have a long slogan or description of your company mixed in with your logo, then the logo will likely be illegible and look clunky. It also may not translate well across different marketing mediums like your outdoor signs.

    Choose Olympic Signs to help develop your logo for future sign designs near Chicago, IL. We have 37 years of experience designing and fabricating a variety of signs to help companies market their business. We are available for more information at (630) 424-6100.

  • Take a Virtual Tour of Our Bank Signage Portfolio

    You want your bank’s curb appeal to bring people in, and the right outdoor sign might be just what you need. At Olympic Signs, we are happy to offer LED and outdoor signs to help improve your business. Keep reading if you’d like to take a virtual tour of our bank signage portfolio.

    Everybody needs a bank, but there are plenty of banks to choose from. If you want to make your bank stand out from the rest, it’s a good idea to use signage to your advantage. The team at Olympic Signs has a wealth of experience in creating high quality signs for high quality banks. We have worked with such names as Bank of America, Glenview State Bank, and First Midwest Bank. It’s wise to check out your options when you’re considering adding a sign to your business to ensure that you choose the pros, and our signage portfolio will not disappoint.

    To learn more about our bank signage portfolio, please contact Olympic Signs or check out our website. Our sign installers near Chicago, IL also handle sign maintenance and parking lot lighting. Stop by or call us at (630) 424-6100 to learn more about our services.