Common Reasons to Arrange Sign Maintenance Services

A sign company will offer maintenance services to ensure that a business’ signs are always working. There are times that a sign may require additional maintenance, such as when an LED sign does not synchronize properly with its controlling system. These issues can be fixed by a trained sign installer and electrician. Read on for more reasons to arrange sign maintenance.

LED Failures

There are common repairs and simple fixes that occur to LED signs, such as a misaligned picture, missing colors, and missing images. These might occur due to a power outage, faulty wiring, or unplugged power supply. Issues with LED signs may also be caused by the controlling system. It is important to investigate all possible reasons that an LED sign or any type of sign design has become damaged or requires maintenance. Call a sign company soon to investigate the problem and repair it.

Non-Synchronous Displays

If the sign’s screen, or the attached computer or controlling system, is not working properly, then check both systems for any loose or unattached wires. If the displays are not synchronous, like they should be, then the display settings may have been changed. Examine the computer’s graphics card, sometimes known as a DVI card, to see if the settings have been altered. If the problem cannot be determined, then schedule sign maintenance service.

Electrical Mishaps

Electrical mishaps can happen for a number of reasons— including power outages and faulty wiring —and these can all affect any type of electrical signage. Electrical issues could cause sign installations to short out, which may require a brand-new sign installation. It is vital to the integrity of the signs and the rest of the building’s electrical system to have any sort of electrical issue examined right away. Routine sign maintenance should also be scheduled to prevent an electrical mishap in the future.

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