• Which Type of Exterior Sign Is Right for Your Business?

    Proper signage is a key element for your business. As you are browsing the different types of outdoor signs that are available for your commercial property, you may find that your sign company can provide you with a variety of different sign styles and options. By picking a sign that matches with your business’ architecture and style, you can make sure that your new sign is a seamless part of your branding. Let’s take a look at some popular exterior sign styles that may be right for your business.

    Wall Sign

    As its name suggests, a wall sign is mounted directly on the wall of your commercial building. If your business has a blank wall space at the front, a wall sign may be appropriate for your needs. When you design a wall sign, you can incorporate text, logos, and bright colors that will help you to advertise your business.

    Pylon Signs

    If your business is located in a busy shopping center, you may want to consider investing in a pylon sign. A pylon sign is designed to be mounted on a large frame, and many shopping centers stack pylon signs in a vertical column. You will find that your pylon sign helps your customers find you more easily.

    Awning Sign

    An awning sign will mark your business location, while also providing customers with protection from the elements. When you design an awning sign, you can pick out an awning fabric material that matches the logo colors of your business. You may also find that your awning signs provides the façade of your building with an attractive architectural element.

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  • The Golden Ratio of Logo Design

    When you are creating a logo for your business, you may want to rely on the principles of the golden ratio. In this video, you will learn all about the golden ratio of logo design. The golden ratio is a mathematical formula that allows designers to achieve correct proportions in their logo layouts. You may also want to use the golden ratio when you are creating logos for your outdoor signs.

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  • Top Ways to Attract and Keep Clients

    When you are starting a new business, you will need to work hard to build a solid client base. With engaging branding, smart demographics, and visible outdoor signs, you will have no problem finding the customers that you need to create a successful and profitable business. Along with providing your physical location with a visible outdoor sign, there are a few other steps that you can take to get new customers. Read on for an overview of some top ways to attract and keep your clients.

    Determine Your Demographics

    As you are working on attracting new clients, it is important to figure out precisely whom your products or services are intended for. By determining your core demographic, you will have a better idea of where to target your advertisements and marketing campaigns. A marketing company will be able to help you figure out a successful advertising strategy that draws in the right clientele.

    Create a Solid Brand Image

    In order to draw in new clients, you will need to work on the image or identity of your brand. Solid branding can be created through quality graphic design and targeted social media advertising campaigns. Potential customers will be drawn to your company if they have a sense of the personality and core mission of your brand.

    Invest in Quality Signs

    Outdoor signs will allow your clients to easily locate your physical business location. With visible signage, you will also be more likely to attract potential customers who are passing by on the street. Your sign should clearly state your company name, and will ideally contain bold colors or visible LED lights.

    When you are shopping for commercial signs for your business, look no further than the products that are offered by Olympic Signs . Our sign company specializes in sign fabrication in Chicago, and we will be able to help you design an attractive sign that helps you get new customers. Call us at (630) 424-6100 to schedule a consultation with one of our sign design experts.

  • Don’t Let Burnt-Out Bulbs Hurt Your Business

    An LED sign will beautifully illuminate the exterior of your business. While a properly installed LED sign may help you attract new customers, a sign that has burnt-out bulbs and other maintenance problems may hurt your business. If a customer notices that your LED sign has burnt-out bulbs, he or she may be less likely to provide you with business. Burnt-out bulbs may send the message that your company is careless with maintaining and improving your space. Sign maintenance from a professional company can help you address burnt-out bulbs right away.

    To schedule sign maintenance near Chicago, contact Olympic Signs by calling (630) 424-6100. Our company specializes in LED retail signs, and we will help you keep your signs properly illuminated throughout the years and seasons. We look forward to helping you create a quality sign for your business.