What Are the Qualities of Effective Retail Signage?

Well-designed retail signage can have an enormous impact on your business. Simply having interior and exterior signs isn’t enough—you have to pay attention to the design so that they are as effective as possible. Whether you’re considering putting up new indoor or outdoor signs or you are wondering if your current signage is as good as it could be, take a look at some of these qualities of effective retail signs.

They are in the right locations.

Location is everything when it comes to the effectiveness of retail signage. Putting a sign in the wrong place will drastically reduce its impact on your business. If you are putting up an outside sign, it should be in a place where it is as visible as possible to both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Before your sign installation, think about how glare could affect your customers’ abilities to see your sign and if your sign has the potential to be blocked frequently. Interior signs should be placed according to where the information will be most useful to your customers. Place navigation signs high overhead, where they can be easily seen from the most locations, and put product signs right by what they are advertising.

They use simple messaging.

Your signage should communicate the message you want your customers to get as clearly and succinctly as possible. Customers are turned off by lengthy blocks of texts, and if they can’t get the information they need from a sign, they may choose to go elsewhere rather than ask for assistance. Choose colors, fonts, and sizes that are easy to read, and use your white space as a design element rather than something that needs to be filled.

They are consistent.

Signs are a great way to reinforce your brand identity, so choose an aesthetic and repeat it on all of your signs. Stick to the same colors, fonts, and designs throughout all of your signage. You can make small changes for added impact and to make things interesting, but all of your signs should be easily identifiable as representing your business.

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