The Navigation Nightmare of Modern Healthcare Campuses

As the healthcare industry evolves, modern hospitals and medical offices are becoming larger and more complex. To help your patients feel comfortable on your campus, consider hiring a sign company to create directional signs for your space. If you are wondering about why proper signage is so important, here is a quick look inside why today’s healthcare campuses cause navigation nightmares.

Signs must meet strict hygiene requirements.

Medical offices and hospitals must maintain strict standards of hygiene in order to protect the health and safety of medical care professionals and patients. One reason that medical campuses have trouble creating proper signage is that their signs must maintain these hygienic standards. LED signs and other innovations have made it easier for medical campuses to create hygienic signage.

Medical departments use technical language.

While doctors and nurses are familiar with all of the terminology that is used to describe medical departments, these terms may be strange and confusing to visitors. For instance, when a patient is headed in for an ear, nose, and throat appointment, he or she may be confused by signs that point towards the Otolaryngology department. Replacing medical terms with layman information could help to ease the navigation process.

Healthcare campuses are getting bigger.

In order to accommodate large numbers of patients and medical departments, medical campuses have grown larger over the years. When a patient visits a doctor for the first time, he or she may have difficulty navigating the various floors, wings, and departments that are located within a single campus. Signage that includes maps and clear descriptions makes large campuses much easier to navigate.

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