• How to Keep Your Awning in Top Condition


    You get to admire a beautiful new awning as soon as your sign installers are finished, but keeping it in shape comes with maintenance. Clear off twigs and debris, inspect your awnings for punctures, and call your sign company if you notice any damage. Read ahead and learn exactly how to keep your awning in top condition.

    Clean Off Debris

    As you may have seen with your roof or fence, it doesn’t take long for debris to build up. It can be tough to remove once it does, and it may leave stains behind even after you’ve gotten rid of the buildup. Make sure you get rid of wet leaves, twigs, and bird droppings whenever you notice them starting to collect on your awning. Wet leaves and bird droppings can even lead to mold problems if they’re not dealt with quickly. It’s also a good idea to give your awning a spot clean occasionally, using warm water and a mild detergent.

    Check for Problems

    In addition to leaves and bird droppings, awnings are exposed to the elements on a constant basis. Even especially durable awnings can take some damage after a bad storm, so check on yours regularly and look for signs of a problem. Mold growth can tarnish the awning’s appeal as well as present health hazards, but there are other issues to look for as well. Check the metal components for rust, and make sure there are no tears in the fabric.

    Act Quickly

    If you do come across a problem when you’re inspecting your awning, call your sign company right away. A small puncture could turn into a large tear in no time, so you’ll want to repair it as soon as possible, and you’ll want the job to be done properly.

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  • Commercial Awnings: Maintenance Issues to Know About

    Roof Outdoor signs and awnings benefit your business in many ways. On the other hand, dirty or dilapidated signage can bring your curb appeal down. Your outdoor signs are susceptible to all kinds of elements. Rain, bugs, and bird droppings can all wear away at your awnings and leave stains behind. Continue reading for commercial awning maintenance issues to know about.


    Commercial signs draw attention to your business, which helps you generate more traffic and ultimately gain more sales. When it comes to your business, however, you only want positive attention. If your outdoor signs are run down due to the weather, they might take away from your curb appeal instead of adding to it. Look at the forecast every day and see what it means for your awning. If a hail storm is coming and you have a retractable awning, you might want to put it away during the storm to protect it.

    Leaves, Bugs, and Debris

    It’s a good idea to use an awning if your building is shaded by trees, especially if you’re a dining establishment with an outdoor eating area. Your awning will catch bugs, leaves, twigs, and any other debris that might fall from the sky, so it doesn’t land on your customers’ tables. The only drawback is that from a distance, people will be able to see the blemishes on your awning. Remember to clean this off to keep up your curb appeal and avoid damage.

    Bird Droppings

    Birds are peskier than many of the pests that we typically encounter. They perch on roofs, outdoor signs, and awnings. Their droppings will do a number on your commercial awning, so be sure to give yours a good cleaning occasionally to undo the damage.

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  • Pick an Awe-Inspiring Awning for Your Business

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    An outdoor sign installation or awning installation is a valuable way to attract customer attention and advertise your business services. When you visit your local sign company to design your commercial awning, you should make sure your lettering, colors, and logo are as effective as possible. Here are some great tips for designing an awe-inspiring awning for your business.

    Market Your Company’s Brand
    You can use your commercial awning as an outdoor sign that markets or promotes your company’s brand. Your brand is the combination of graphics, fonts, colors, and slogans that makes your business and its services quickly identifiable and distinct from other businesses. Make sure that you ask your sign company to incorporate your branding into your awning design so your brand will become more recognizable to your demographic.

    Choose the Right Awning for Your Needs
    Commercial awnings can be used as advertisements and as shade for outdoor patios or seating areas. The purpose you want your awning to serve will factor into the type of awning you choose. An awning that is purely being used as an exterior sign should be weather-resistant and large enough to be read from a distance. A patio awning can be retractable so that it won’t have to be in use at all times. This type of awning will need to be larger, and created from weatherproof material.

    Determine Where Your Awning Should Be Placed
    An awning that is being used purely as an outdoor sign can be placed over a window or entryway on the most visible part of the building. You can also install retractable awnings over patios to protect guests from wind, rain, and sun.

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  • What Kind of Sign Is Right for Your Small Business?

    awnings Chicago A professional sign company can provide you with customized interior signs and exterior signs that will draw customers in to your small business. Outdoor signs , such as LED signs, can clearly convey to passersby what services your business has to offer. Interior signs provide helpful information to customers that may encourage them to continue shopping. Here is a brief guide to determining what kind of sign is right for your small business.

    Electronic Message and LED Signs
    Electronic message centers and LED signs are both effective and cost-efficient. These signs catch people’s attention and lure them in. They tend to be best suited as exterior signs for businesses that want to advertise daily specials, upcoming events, or promotions. LED signs provide accent lighting for an exterior sign, making it more visible and eye-catching at night. LED signs are energy efficient and appropriate for any small business.

    Awning Signs
    Awning signs serve many purposes. They create an attractive, elegant exterior sign that advertises your small business. They also provide decoration to the exterior of your building, and offer shade to your customers. Awning signs are the perfect outdoor sign for small businesses such as cafes, restaurants, bookstores, toy stores, or specialty stores. Sign design and sign fabrication for awnings can be endlessly customized to create a welcoming décor through your sign installation.

    Pylon Signs
    Pylon signs are useful retail signs or property management signs for small businesses that want to feature business names and logos. Pylon signs are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, depending upon what you want to advertise with your outdoor sign. These exterior signs can also be illuminated, so that they remain visible at night.

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  • Is an Awning Right for Your Business?

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    Depending on a variety of factors, you may want to consider getting an awning for your business. Not only are they associated with a higher class of clientele, but they can also serve the purpose of keeping your customers protected from the weather. In a big city like Chicago that sees a lot of nasty weather, these types of outdoor signs can be an invaluable addition to any entry way.

    Although awnings might not be the best choice of outdoor signs for every type of business, they could have practical benefits for a lot of different commercial properties. If your customers are likely to need protection from rain or wind, an awning can work wonders and provide a level of convenience that modern consumers expect.

    If you want to draw in the right kind of customer with awnings in Chicago, IL , call Olympic Signs at (630) 424-6100. With our help, you’ll be able to pick the best design for a new and more effective sign installation. Send the right message to your customers with a practical and useful outdoor sign with the help of Olympic Signs.