• Creative Ways to Use Window Advertising


    If you own a small business you’re probably looking for creative ways to advertise. Creativity can actually take you further than you think when it comes to business signage. The windows at your physical business location are valuable space that can be used to advertise for your company. There are a wide variety of signs and other graphics that can make your business stand out to anyone passing by.

    The use of signs or stickers in advertising is not only an easy way to attract attention, it’s also very cost-effective compared to other, more traditional forms of advertising. At the very least, your business should feature its name and other necessary information including its hours and phone number on your windows.

    Using window graphics can transform an otherwise dull and dreary space into something very exciting and eye-catching. Windows are a great place to advertise specials or other promotions. They can be used to show off the products or services you feature. The great news about window advertising is that you can be as creative as you want with text or images.

    Window graphics can create a sense of curiosity to get people to come inside your business. Getting bodies in the door is key in business because if they don’t come in they will never know what they’re missing. If you want to get even more creative, decals and vinyl displays can be placed on company cars as well.

    Signs and other displays can also be used on the inside of your business as well. These displays should be a bit more focused, trying to get customers already inside your business to make a purchase or inquire about a promotion. For more information on how to creative use signage for your business contact Olympic Signs at 630-413-1198.

  • Could Your Parking Lot Benefit from New Lighting?


    Lighting conditions affect your parking lot in many ways, from the potential for accidents to the amount you’ll pay to keep the bulbs on. When you have your sign company upgrade your parking lot lighting , you can count on reaping a few kinds of benefits. Read on and find out if it’s time for new lighting.

    Safety and Security

    People should feel safe when they park in your lot, which means they need to be able to see what’s going on at night. Walking through a dark parking lot is dangerous for a plethora of reasons. People could trip over a curb or a pothole and suffer an injury, which then turns into an issue your company could’ve avoided. It’s also more secure to walk through a well-lit parking lot, because criminals are less likely to get away unidentified. New lighting reduces the chances of accidents and crime, so it’s well worth the upgrade.

    Energy Efficiency

    If your lighting was originally installed years ago and you’ve never thought about changing it up, now is the time. Old lighting systems are not as efficient as modern systems, and yours may be nearing the end of its working life. Upgrading to LED lighting can land you a significant amount of savings on your energy bill, which frees up some room in your budget that you can use to further improve your business. This also protects the environment, which is something that your customers may very well notice.

    Easier Maintenance

    You shouldn’t keep throwing money at a problem that keeps popping up. If maintaining your parking lot lighting is becoming a bigger hassle and a steeper expense, consider investing in an upgrade. This saves you money and effort in the long run.

    As long as you work with the right sign company serving Chicago, IL, they can help you out with your parking lot lighting as well as your exterior and interior LED signs. Call Olympic Signs at (630) 424-6100 and let us help revamp your parking lot.

  • Examining Different Types of Storefront Signs


    Picking the right sign is one of the most important—and challenging—choices you will make as a business owner. In addition to ensuring that you are complying with zoning and signage regulations in your community, you need to choose a sign that makes your business standout and that appropriately reflects your brand. Here is a look at some of the options for outdoor signs that you can consider.


    Awnings create a dramatic appearance and also offer functionality beyond simply advertising your business. They can be constructed in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, so that you can get a custom look for your business. They enhance the exterior of your business for an upscale feel, and they also provide ample room to include additional information on your exterior sign, such as a website and phone number. They offer cover from the elements for your customers and shield your interior design from fading caused by sunlight.

    Channel Lettering

    Rather than installing an additional structure for a sign, when you choose channel lettering, your sign can be affixed to your existing building. These letters are cut individually and are 3D to draw attention. They can be equipped with LED lighting to illuminate the letters to make them stand out even more. Your sign company can work with you on different lighting designs, such as reverse-lit, halo-lit, and front-lit options, depending on the positioning of your building and the traffic you are trying to attract.

    Pylon Signs

    Pylon signs are structures that can be attached to the side of your building or constructed to stand-alone. They are ideal for placing on at the entranceway of your business and also work well for multi-tenant facilities. Pylon signs can also incorporate LED lighting to create addition attention for the signage.

    Let the experts at Olympic Signs help you choose the right outdoor signs for your business, based on your budget, location, and type of business. Our sign company near Chicago has been serving the region for decades, providing businesses of all sizes with permitting assistance, design, installation, and maintenance services. Find out how we can help you today by calling (630) 424-6100.

  • How to Keep Your Awning in Top Condition


    You get to admire a beautiful new awning as soon as your sign installers are finished, but keeping it in shape comes with maintenance. Clear off twigs and debris, inspect your awnings for punctures, and call your sign company if you notice any damage. Read ahead and learn exactly how to keep your awning in top condition.

    Clean Off Debris

    As you may have seen with your roof or fence, it doesn’t take long for debris to build up. It can be tough to remove once it does, and it may leave stains behind even after you’ve gotten rid of the buildup. Make sure you get rid of wet leaves, twigs, and bird droppings whenever you notice them starting to collect on your awning. Wet leaves and bird droppings can even lead to mold problems if they’re not dealt with quickly. It’s also a good idea to give your awning a spot clean occasionally, using warm water and a mild detergent.

    Check for Problems

    In addition to leaves and bird droppings, awnings are exposed to the elements on a constant basis. Even especially durable awnings can take some damage after a bad storm, so check on yours regularly and look for signs of a problem. Mold growth can tarnish the awning’s appeal as well as present health hazards, but there are other issues to look for as well. Check the metal components for rust, and make sure there are no tears in the fabric.

    Act Quickly

    If you do come across a problem when you’re inspecting your awning, call your sign company right away. A small puncture could turn into a large tear in no time, so you’ll want to repair it as soon as possible, and you’ll want the job to be done properly.

    The pros are here to help with your awnings in Chicago, IL, so reach out to Olympic Signs or visit our website to see what we can offer. You can also call our sign installers at (630) 424-6100 if you have any questions.

  • Factors to Consider When Designing Signage

  • The Benefit of Project Management During Sign Fabrication and Installation

  • What Happens When Your Sign Is Installed?

    Sign installers Chicago

    If you’ve recently hired a sign company for sign design and sign installation of a retail sign, you may wonder how your sign will be installed. A professional sign installer is a highly trained and experienced in installing outdoor signs. They use specialty equipment to install exterior signs at the exact level at which they’ll be most visible to potential customers walking or driving by.

    Sign installers have their own excavation equipment, pneumatic compressor, power washer, scaffolding, and scissor-lift to ensure that your exterior retail sign can be installed in any location. After installing your sign, your sign company will provide regular sign repair and sign maintenance. This keeps your exterior sign looking beautiful, and increases its lifespan.

    If you’re looking for professional sign installation in Chicago , come see us at Olympic Signs. Our professional retail sign experts can handle sign design, sign installation, sign repair, and sign maintenance for any type of business. We even handle getting your company sign permits for all exterior signs. For more information on our sign services, call us today at 630-424-6100.

  • Different Types of Signs

    Sign types Chicago

    How can sign company serving Chicago, IL help you boost your business? With amazing signs, of course! Exterior signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles—making it easy to find the perfect option to advertise your business. Popular sign options to consider for your business include:

    Pylon/Monument Signs

    If your business is located in a shopping center with other businesses, a pylon or monument sign can be the perfect way to let passers-by know what shops they will find in the area. These signs can be short or tall depending on the area and typically provide an even amount of space for each business to display their logo and business colors.


    Make your storefront stand out from nearby shops with new awning sign installation! An awning will provide shade and comfort to your storefront while also adding a touch of elegance to your store’s exterior. Placing your name, logo, or other information on the awning will let shoppers know what to expect from your store and will encourage potential shoppers to visit.

    Channel Letters

    You do not have to choose a traditional sign for your storefront—you can make your business stand out even more with channel letters! These custom-made 3D letters are individually cut and can be placed directly on a building or installed on top of another outdoor sign. You can also choose lights to turn your channel letters into an LED sign.

    Electronic Message Centers

    Display a variety of logos or images throughout the day and night with an electronic message center! This exterior sign displays electronic images and messages, making it easier for customers to find your store and allowing you to bring in new potential customers. These exterior signs can be especially beneficial at night, when they will glow and really pop out to passers-by.

    Olympic Signs offers all of these commercial signs and many more! Our sign installers can help you advertise your business and bring in new customers. Learn more about our sign maintenance services by calling us at (630) 424-6100.

  • The Sign Installation Process