• How to Make Your Store Standout Among Others

    If you’re looking for a way to make your storefront standout among other small business, window signage might be just the thing you need. Window signs and graphics are a fairly inexpensive way to draw attention to your business and make it noticeable. You’ll want your business to stand out to those walking or driving by, which means you’ll want high-quality graphics that are visible from the street.

    It used to be common for businesses to use paint on their windows to advertise specials or try to get onlookers to stop in and take a look around. Today window graphics are much more popular and they are much easier to put up and remove and replace. Window graphics can also be reused easily for events like holidays or annual sales or promotions.

    Using window signage can make your business stand out by increasing your brand awareness. While it may not seem like it, if your business has a “cool” sign and a competitor does not, it may make certain customers choose to do business with you instead of them.

    Window signs and other graphics are a great way to promote special offers and sales to get people to come into your business. Traditional advertising like print or online is also valuable, but you want something to draw them in while they’re physically in front of your location.

    You can also place graphics on the inside of your windows for the customers that are already inside your business, and you can also use graphics for company vehicles as well. Whether you prefer more traditional signs or graphics, LED signs, electronic messaging centers, channel letters, or any other type of signage, contact Olympic Signs today by calling 630-413-1198.

  • Creative Ways to Use Window Advertising

    If you own a small business you’re probably looking for creative ways to advertise. Creativity can actually take you further than you think when it comes to business signage. The windows at your physical business location are valuable space that can be used to advertise for your company. There are a wide variety of signs and other graphics that can make your business stand out to anyone passing by.

    The use of signs or stickers in advertising is not only an easy way to attract attention, it’s also very cost-effective compared to other, more traditional forms of advertising. At the very least, your business should feature its name and other necessary information including its hours and phone number on your windows.

    Using window graphics can transform an otherwise dull and dreary space into something very exciting and eye-catching. Windows are a great place to advertise specials or other promotions. They can be used to show off the products or services you feature. The great news about window advertising is that you can be as creative as you want with text or images.

    Window graphics can create a sense of curiosity to get people to come inside your business. Getting bodies in the door is key in business because if they don’t come in they will never know what they’re missing. If you want to get even more creative, decals and vinyl displays can be placed on company cars as well.

    Signs and other displays can also be used on the inside of your business as well. These displays should be a bit more focused, trying to get customers already inside your business to make a purchase or inquire about a promotion. For more information on how to creative use signage for your business contact Olympic Signs at 630-413-1198.

  • Building a Better LED Sign

    An LED sign is a smart way to draw attention to your business, but you must design it the right way for it to be effective. Choose your text and font type carefully, consider setting up a playlist for your sign, and think about how the colors will affect the viewer. Read on and build a better LED sign .

    Text and Font

    If your LED sign is going to include words, you need to put some real thought into what it will say and how the text will look. Think about what you want your sign to represent about your business. Take some time to consider what you’ll say through your sign before you program it. You might want to advertise a sale, notify passersby that you’re changing locations, or celebrate a grand opening. Your text should also stand out and be legible, which tends to be easier with LED signs. Illegible font can confuse your message and might turn people away rather than draw them in.


    Some types of LED signs make use of playlists. This means that you can display multiple messages on a loop. A high school might use an LED sign playlist to advertise the upcoming football game, offer information about PTA meetings, or even remind people about a budget vote. To build the best LED sign, consider what you’re displaying through your playlist and make sure you cater to your entire audience.


    LED lights can create a wide range of colors, so you might be able to get full color graphics out of your LED sign. You can use the colors in your LED sign to represent your brand and catch people’s eyes. Consider your brand and your message when choosing colors for yours.

    You can always call Olympic Signs at (630) 424-6100 if you’re looking for an LED sign near Chicago, IL. Our sign services help make your message clear and attract new customers to your business. Browse our website for information about our services.

  • What to Know Before Photographing Your LED Sign

    An LED sign is a bright and attractive way to advertise your business. While your LED sign may look great in person, photographing your sign may pose some unique challenges. Before you schedule a photo shoot for your property, hire a sign company to perform any repairs that may be needed to improve its appearance. Here’s what you need to know before photographing your LED sign.

    You may need to use a special camera setting.

    Whether you will be photographing your sign on your own, or you will be hiring a professional photographer, it is important to make sure that you use the correct camera setting when you are taking the picture. Since LED lights are much brighter than other light sources, your camera may need to be switched into a special shutter mode in order to take the picture.

    You should always check the position of the sun.

    No matter what time of day you will be photographing your LED sign, it will be necessary to check the position of the sun before you start shooting. If your sign is backlit, it may not show up in the final photograph. To achieve the best results, wait until the sun is positioned correctly before you start your photo shoot.

    You might need to schedule repair services.

    If one or more of the light bulbs in your LED sign has gone out, the damage will show up in your photograph. To show off your LED sign looking its very best, schedule professional repairs before you take your picture. Your sign technician can replace burned out bulbs and restore your LED to photogenic condition.

    If you are in need of sign repair near Chicago , contact Olympic Signs by calling (630) 424-6100. Our company offers all types of sign services, including sign maintenance for LED installations. With our help, you can make sure that your LED sign is an appealing and functional addition to the exterior of your business.

  • Top Ways to Attract and Keep Clients

    When you are starting a new business, you will need to work hard to build a solid client base. With engaging branding, smart demographics, and visible outdoor signs, you will have no problem finding the customers that you need to create a successful and profitable business. Along with providing your physical location with a visible outdoor sign, there are a few other steps that you can take to get new customers. Read on for an overview of some top ways to attract and keep your clients.

    Determine Your Demographics

    As you are working on attracting new clients, it is important to figure out precisely whom your products or services are intended for. By determining your core demographic, you will have a better idea of where to target your advertisements and marketing campaigns. A marketing company will be able to help you figure out a successful advertising strategy that draws in the right clientele.

    Create a Solid Brand Image

    In order to draw in new clients, you will need to work on the image or identity of your brand. Solid branding can be created through quality graphic design and targeted social media advertising campaigns. Potential customers will be drawn to your company if they have a sense of the personality and core mission of your brand.

    Invest in Quality Signs

    Outdoor signs will allow your clients to easily locate your physical business location. With visible signage, you will also be more likely to attract potential customers who are passing by on the street. Your sign should clearly state your company name, and will ideally contain bold colors or visible LED lights.

    When you are shopping for commercial signs for your business, look no further than the products that are offered by Olympic Signs . Our sign company specializes in sign fabrication in Chicago, and we will be able to help you design an attractive sign that helps you get new customers. Call us at (630) 424-6100 to schedule a consultation with one of our sign design experts.

  • Don’t Let Burnt-Out Bulbs Hurt Your Business

    An LED sign will beautifully illuminate the exterior of your business. While a properly installed LED sign may help you attract new customers, a sign that has burnt-out bulbs and other maintenance problems may hurt your business. If a customer notices that your LED sign has burnt-out bulbs, he or she may be less likely to provide you with business. Burnt-out bulbs may send the message that your company is careless with maintaining and improving your space. Sign maintenance from a professional company can help you address burnt-out bulbs right away.

    To schedule sign maintenance near Chicago, contact Olympic Signs by calling (630) 424-6100. Our company specializes in LED retail signs, and we will help you keep your signs properly illuminated throughout the years and seasons. We look forward to helping you create a quality sign for your business.

  • Effective Usage of LED Message Centers

    You want to do everything you can to make your business a success. To attract new customers and make yourself more visible, consider using an LED sign. LED signs are eye-catching as well as energy-efficient, and can make your business more attractive. Watch this video to learn how to use LED signs effectively.

    When you have an LED sign, you can create custom electronic messages to speak directly to your customers. Try to keep your messages short and concise, and consider what information is most relevant to your customers. You can use your exterior sign to advertise a sale, or the fact that you’re open 24 hours.

    Olympic Signs is here to help you draw more attention to your business. Call us at (630) 424-6100 to learn more about our Chicago sign company. Visit our website for a closer look at our sign services.

  • Tips for Keeping Your Illuminated Sign Burning Bright

    LED sign Chicago

    Illuminated outdoor signs are effective advertising tools for businesses of all sizes. For starters, neon or LED signs make it easy for potential customers to locate your business at night. Illuminated commercial signs also allow you to make more impressions than you would with a non-illuminated sign that is only visible (and effective) while the sun is out. But incandescent, neon, and LED signs are only effective if they are shining bright. Here are some tips to help keep your illuminated business sign burning bright for many years to come.

    Turn Your Sign Off During the Day
    One of the easiest ways to keep your illuminated signs burning brighter longer is to turn off the sign during the day. Incandescent, neon, and LED bulbs are not bright enough to be noticeable during the day, so keeping your illuminated sign on while the sun is out will only waste your bulbs and cause them to dim faster. You might also think about putting your sign on a timer so it turns off in the middle of the night and turns on again an hour or two before sunrise to keep the bulbs burning as bright as possible as long as possible.

    Keep Your Illuminated Sign Clean
    Keeping your sign clean is another easy way to make sure it burns bright for many years to come. If your sign is easily accessible, wipe it down a few times each week to remove dirt, grime, bird droppings, and other debris and elements that can affect how bright your sign burns. You should also schedule regular sign inspections to prevent minor problems from getting any worse and causing your illuminated sign to burn out prematurely.

    Whether you already have an illuminated sign that needs to be serviced or you want to design and install a new illuminated business sign, Olympic Signs is here for all your commercial signage needs. We are one of the leading commercial sign companies in Chicago, IL , and illuminated signs are our specialty. Contact us online or call us at (630) 424-6100 to learn more.

  • LED Signs 101

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    Investing in outdoor signs for your business? Make sure you consider LED illuminated signs. LED signs are more energy efficient than incandescent and neon signs, and also have a life expectancy of 10-12 years. If you’ve never purchased illuminated signs, or if it’s been some time, refer to this brief guide to learn more about LED signs for your business in Chicago, IL.

    LED Density
    One of the first questions our customers have about LED signs is, “How much do they cost?” The size of the sign is a major factor, but most sign experts will tell you that the true cost of an LED sign is in the number of individual LEDs. More LEDs per pixel generally mean higher brightness, more clarity, and better performance. Your commercial sign company can help you determine the appropriate LED density to meet your needs and budget.

    Viewing Angle
    The viewing angle of the sign is another important factor when choosing the right type of LEDs. Although all LEDs generally put out the same amount of light, “high-beam” LEDs with a narrow angle focus more light into one small spot whereas “wide angle” LEDs spread their light across the horizon for a wider viewing angle. Where you plan to install the sign will have an impact on the importance of viewing angle and the type of LED sign you need.

    Life Expectancy
    With proper maintenance, LED signs can last a decade or longer. One way to extend the life of your LED sign is to turn it off during the day. Also keep your LED sign clean to eradicate grime and keep the bulbs shining bright, which means a more visible (and effective) sign. Your sign installer can give you specific maintenance tasks for your new LED sign.

    To learn more about LED signs for your business, contact Olympic Signs . As the premier sign company in Chicago, IL, Olympic Signs is your ultimate source for commercial LED sign design, fabrication, installation, maintenance, and repair. Visit our website to learn more about our commercial sign services, or call us at (630) 424-6100.

  • The Advantages of LED Lighting

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    While many households still make use of incandescent bulbs, LED lighting is emerging with clear advantages that other alternatives cannot match. Talk to your sign company about the use of this beneficial lighting system in your business signs and read on for a look at the advantages of LED lighting.

    Energy Efficiency and Cost
    Energy isn’t free, and it helps to save on costs in any way you can. By using less energy and making the most of what you have, you can help the environment in addition to saving money. Depending on the nature of your sign, it might come with a high demand in terms of energy costs. Fortunately you can offset these costs by using LED lighting . LED bulbs are known to last for exponentially longer time periods than alternatives like incandescent bulbs. Even if the bulbs themselves are slightly more expensive than other kinds, you can rest assured that your money will be returned in savings.

    The efficiency and longevity that LED lighting enjoys will provide immediate benefits. Some people don’t realize, however, that using LED lighting is also much more convenient. Since LED light bulbs will enjoy a much longer working life before burning out, you can go for longer stretches of time without worrying about replacing them. When you consider that you might have to climb up on a ladder in the middle of the winter to change the light bulbs in your business sign, this advantage becomes much more obvious.

    Safety Features
    If you have ever changed an incandescent light bulb, you might have realized that the bulb can stay hot after the power has been turned off. Fortunately LED lights do not generate so much heat, making them safer to change and less likely to combust.

    For more on the advantages of LED lighting, feel free to call Olympic Signs at (630) 424-6100. In addition to LED signs near Chicago, IL, we also specialize in awnings and sign installations. Please do not hesitate to visit our website or stop by and see us in order to learn more about our services.