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Are you planning to contact a sign company about commercial sign design and installation? If so, then continue reading to learn some important terminology that you may encounter during this process.

Animated Signs

Animated signs use light and color or mechanical components to generate the appearance of or actual motion.

Awning Signs

Mounted to the front of a building and offering shelter, awning signs are commercial signs that provide information as well as function.


When it comes to designing a sign that stands out and is easy to read, contrast is crucial. Contrast describes the differences in color and tone between elements of a design. White text on a black background would be an example of high contrast.


Copy is the term used to describe any words or text that are featured in a sign’s design.

Directional Signs

If you need a sign that will direct people’s navigation, then it’s a directional sign that you want. Signs that include arrows or designate parking areas that help people navigate to an event or location are examples of directional signs.

Electronic Message Centers

Signs that have text and illustrations that are changeable and programmable are known as electronic message centers.

Fascia Signs

Fascia signs are those that are mounted on the face of a building.

Ground Signs

Signs that are self-contained and not supported by posts or similar structures are called ground signs.


When a sign’s lettering or message elements can be easily read and distinguished, then it has good legibility.

Menu Boards

If you’re looking for a sign with a changeable copy like that which you might see at a food service venue, then speak with a sign company about ordering a menu board.

Single-Face Signs

These commercial signs have the sign’s design on only one side.


How well a sign can be understood and seen by people is described as its visibility.

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