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Finance Solutions

OLYMPIK SIGNS INC. is a leading provider of professional signage in the Midwest. We now offer an opportunity unprecedented in the industry: to use and own your very own sign or display by making affordable monthly payments. These payments can be as low as $99/month!

By financing your sign, you will simultaneously preserve your current cash line while increasing sales. These financing options offer highly competitive rates, a quick and easy process with a variety of payment options. And thanks to Illinois Rule 179 it is tax-deductible!

With no cash invested in your signage, you have both your money and the equipment working for you. The signage, installation, and subcontracting work are all included in the one lump sum. All you have to do is make your monthly payment and enjoy increased sales. Financing won’t affect your current borrowing limits with your bank. You still have 100% credit available for other needs. Financing your sign can generate customers at the point of sale, so you can consider spending less on other ad media you’re currently using (i.e. newspaper, yellow pages, TV, radio) and apply those funds towards your payment. After your final payment you will continue to enjoy the benefits from your display for years. Call 630-424-6100 today!