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Parking Lot & Garage Lighting

Do You Have…
  • High Electric Bills?
  • Old or Broken Fixtures?
  • Security Concerns?
  • Uneven Light Distribution?
  • Rising Maintenance Expenses?
Are You…
  • Looking to save annual costs and Return on Investment (ROI)?
  • Seeking an unbiased opinion?
  • Unfamiliar with the newest available technologies?
What Your New Lighting Will Do for You…
  • 50% – 70% Electricity Cost Savings
  • 5x – 10x Increased Product Life
  • 15%+ ROI / Paybacks
  • Low Maintenance
We Provide You With…
  • On-Site Trials / Samples
  • Warranties / Service Contracts
  • Financing Options
parking lot lighting

Free 5-Step Analysis

  1. Site Survey
  2. Photometric Layouts
  3. Product Comparison & Recommendation
  4. Cost / Benefit Analysis
  5. Rebate / Tax Credit Review

Products & Services

We offer the full range of products and services necessary to guarantee a successful retrofit/upgrade lighting project:

  • Our Products consist of commercial lighting Fixtures, Poles and Accessories, used in outdoor parking lots, parking garages and industrial buildings.
  • We Source Products from leading manufacturers, based on our own in-depth due diligence.
  • We review product Warranties and make available Maintenance Contracts for your convenience.
  • To address tight capital budgets, we arrange Financing through Lease Contracts and Full Service Lighting Contracts.
  • Finally, we offer complete Project Management.

Find out how much Olympik Signs can save you on your Parking Lot & Garage Lighting! Schedule your Free & Easy Site Survey today! For more information click the link below to contact a representative.

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