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LED text with blue background

An LED sign is a bright and attractive way to advertise your business. While your LED sign may look great in person, photographing your sign may pose some unique challenges. Before you schedule a photoshoot for your property, hire a sign company to perform any repairs that may be needed to improve its appearance. Here’s what you need to know before photographing your LED sign.

You may need to use a special camera setting.

Whether you will be photographing your sign on your own, or you will be hiring a professional photographer, it is important to make sure that you use the correct camera setting when you are taking the picture. Since LED lights are much brighter than other light sources, your camera may need to be switched into a special shutter mode in order to take the picture.

You should always check the position of the sun.

No matter what time of day you will be photographing your LED sign, it will be necessary to check the position of the sun before you start shooting. If your sign is backlit, it may not show up in the final photograph. To achieve the best results, wait until the sun is positioned correctly before you start your photoshoot.

You might need to schedule repair services.

If one or more of the light bulbs in your LED sign has gone out, the damage will show up in your photograph. To show off your LED sign looking its very best, schedule professional repairs before you take your picture. Your sign technician can replace burned-out bulbs and restore your LED to photogenic condition.

If you are in need of sign repair near Chicago, contact Olympic Signs by calling (630) 413-1198. Our company offers all types of sign services, including sign maintenance for LED installations. With our help, you can make sure that your LED sign is an appealing and functional addition to the exterior of your business.

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