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Are your business’s outdoor signs showing signs of failure thanks to flickering lights? Flickering is a common issue with electric outdoor signs, but fortunately, the issue is usually simple to fix. Your sign company can provide sign maintenance and repair to ensure your company is always putting its best foot forward.

What Is the Problem With a Flickering Sign?

In the scheme of running your business, a flickering sign may seem like a minor issue. However, letting outdoor signs flicker for too long can be surprisingly detrimental to your business. A flickering sign creates an unprofessional appearance for your business, and the longer it remains that way, the more unprofessional your company can seem to customers who see the damaged sign repeatedly. A flickering sign may also be dangerous in some cases. Although a serious electrical problem is rare, it is important to get sign maintenance services as soon as possible to ensure that the flickering isn’t a sign of an electrical issue.

What Are Some Possible Causes of Flickering Signs?

If you have LED signs, then the cause is likely to be a weak or compromised power source. Your sign company may check your mains or transformers to ensure that the power supply is adequate. With LED signs that flicker, you may notice that the flickering is worse when you turn on the lights than after they’ve been on for some time. This may be because the power takes time to warm up, so that the power may be sufficient when it is at full strength than when you first turn it on. The power supply is also a problem for neon signs. Corrosion, pest infestations, and weather damage are also commonly to blame for flickering neon signs.

If you are experiencing any problems with flickering outdoor signs, call Olympic Signs for sign maintenance in Chicago. We offer commercial sign design and installation and full maintenance and repair services. Whether you need a new sign or help with a sign that was installed by other sign companies, call us today at 630-424-6100 for assistance.

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