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Crane with the company name

If you’ve recently hired a sign company for sign design and sign installation of a retail sign, you may wonder how your sign will be installed. A professional sign installer is highly trained and experienced in installing outdoor signs. They use specialty equipment to install exterior signs at the exact level at which they’ll be most visible to potential customers walking or driving by.

bank of America building

Sign installers have their own excavation equipment, pneumatic compressor, power washer, scaffolding, and scissor-lift to ensure that your exterior retail sign can be installed in any location. After installing your sign, your sign company will provide regular sign repair and sign maintenance. This keeps your exterior sign looking beautiful, and increases its lifespan.

If you’re looking for professional sign installation in Chicago, come see us at Olympic Signs. Our professional retail sign experts can handle sign design, sign installation, sign repair, and sign maintenance for any type of business. We even handle getting your company sign permits for all exterior signs. For more information on our sign services, call us today at 630-413-1198.

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