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Digital signs can be useful tools for marketing to your clients, but the content you include makes the difference between boosting your company’s reach and falling flat. Digital signage can be used on both outdoor signs and interior signs to make an impact. Improve your digital signage content with this advice.

Cut Out Distractions

It’s tempting to try to use digital signage to convey as much information as possible, but overcrowding your sign limits the effectiveness of everything you display. Try to eliminate distractions, so that people can focus on your message. For instance, it may grab someone’s attention to display images of faces, animation, and other eye-catching graphics, but people are unlikely to retain the important messages when these distractions are in place. Reduce the amount of motion you use on your sign, or cut it out entirely. Cut down on the number of messages you flash and how often they change. If you have multiple messages to display, put your two most important messages in the first and last positions.

Keep Your Business Information Constant

Consider keeping your corporate logo, website, and phone number on display on your signs at all times, even as content cycles through. Having these constants on the screen will ensure that all of your content maintains your branding and helps your customers build an association with your services and your corporate identity. Don’t animate this information, so that it remains easy to read at all times.

Pay Attention to Design

One mistake many people make when formatting content for digital signs is that they think of their signs like television or film. In reality, it has more in common with posters and flyers. Design your content with printed materials in mind, and the end result will have more impact.

Olympic Signs can assist with digital sign design and all other aspects of getting signage that works for your business. You can talk to a designer about your commercial signs in Chicago today by calling 630-424-6100.

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